Marketing Cubes

Cube | Orbit | Diamond | Prism | Cylinder
Size 7x7x7cm 5x5x5cm


12 sides, 12 messages, tell your story.

The Marketing Cube’s infinite looping of pictures and text is truly mesmerising and serves as a unique business marketing tool.  Show clients your products and services as a 3D catalogue, a calendar or even an event invitation, you’ll find that your cubes will be sat on client’s desks 365 days a year!

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Reveal something extra special with the Diamond.

At first glance, the Diamond appears to be a regular cube, but open it up to reveal its spectacular true form. The diamond’s many sides allow abstract glimpses into your products and services, engaging the client and igniting the curiosity to learn more.

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Size 7x7x7cm 5x5x5cm
Size Dia 65mm x Height 115mm


Accelerate the fun with a novelty Can.

If you want to add a little extra magic
to your cylindrical products then this is the cube for you. The Can adds a whole new dimension of fun and interactivity allowing clients to physically open up the products they know and love, whilst learning more about your brand at the same time!

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An in nite loop of possibility.

The Orbit is a great all-rounder for most advertising purposes. Whether it’s
a wheel, a roll of lm or a hockey puck, this promotional puzzle will keep you both entertained and educated for hours. The Orbits also work really well with circular logos for stunning brand exposure.

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Size Dia. 105 x 30 mm
Size Dia. 85 x 30 mm


A versatile milestone.

This Prism is extraordinarily versatile. Presenting a sophisticated and well engineered mechanism, this design cleverly folds into a column, followed by a rectangular block, then a cube and finally a calendar, bringing joy to every finger acrobat.

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