Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation

Never really sure what style of animation your business needs? First off you need to know exactly what you are using it for and why. Perhaps you need a presentation that’s different from your ordinary powerpoint, or an engaging video to go along with a lecture. For more on various styles of animation follow our blog to find out what works best for you.

If you’ve ever seen Art Attack, an old television show for children in the 90s’, on how to create art simply and easily with materials found around the house. You’ll probably remember the various works from Neil Buchanan, presenter of the show, producing drawings on paper or a blank canvas, explaining different techniques you could create from the tools he uses whether it’s card, pencils, paint brushes or markers. Viewer anticipation is a crucial aspect of the show, the illustration gradually unveils and you start to see what the end image will be. This is similar to how our whiteboard animations work. The information is given and the illustration is drawn along with it.

How to utilise it?

A lot of the time whiteboards are known to be used for teaching and displaying information, be it in schools, offices for training or even sports rooms for showcasing the teams tactics. They are a great way to display key points quickly, adding imagery with this lets the viewer fully take in what is most important more effectively.

If you imagine you are presenting off of a whiteboard, you have endless space to draw or write, because you can simply wipe away for a clear surface. This gives us a sequences/ stages of the animation.

You can use any style of imagery for whiteboard animations such as photographs, marker drawings and even GIFs, however they work best in the style of cartoon illustrations. This makes the video more fun and engaging.

Will it do the job?

The videos can be short but effective, they are 15% more engaging than the everyday presentation, this is because the animated drawing gets the viewer involved.

– Education

It’s difficult to get students to focus in a lecture, however whiteboard animations get their attention and hold it. This is a great solution for learning and you’re more likely to get them interested as well as them finding it more enjoyable.

Motability – Used for training purposes within their company.

– Marketing

People are more likely to share what they’ve seen on a whiteboard animation which can be used as a tool to help start ups promote themselves, and perfect for internal training. They are great for explaining complex issues and telling a story.

Biomass Timber Solutions – Promoting their business, while also explaining how their services work.

There are so many more ways of using whiteboard animations, the key thing to remember is, if you have a lot of information you need to get across in a short amount of time, these animations work perfectly.

Although if whiteboard animations aren’t for you, we work with all kinds of style, follow our blog to learn about vector animation and more.


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