Jenova’s had a facelift.

Jenova’s had a facelift.

Welcome to our brand re-launch! Down here at Jenova we’ve been busying about preparing our new brand for launch including a sleek and simplified logo, stationery, business cards and the creme de la creme, our brand-spanking new website!


Jenova was established in 1994 as a creative promotional outlet housing the latest innovations in low cost, mass-market product design. 20 years down the line Jenova has not only grown in size and reputation but also established a new creative design department. By 2015 it was time for a brand refresh to reinforce our ever evolving nature and forward thinking attitude to design. The concept behind the brand was to create a bold impression whilst maintaining versatility and a timeless look that would continue to grow with the

The re-design of our new website was particularly necessary to better marry the two sides of Jenova together- design and promote. The site has two sides which you can seamlessly switch between by simply clicking on the top right button on each page making it easier and quicker to navigate. We hope that our clients will agree that our brand better reflects our fun, friendly yet highly professional approach to our work and will not hesitate to return or recommend us for future projects.

To view more of our work and find out how we’ve helped previous clients check out our new website by clicking the link. View portfolio





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