The importance of video

The importance of video

Not getting enough traffic to your site?
Want to make your message go viral?
Need to increase your brand recognition?
Not getting enough interest in what you do?

All these problems can be helped with video and there are all sorts of ways to use it.

One of the main issues businesses face when informing and educating their clients is due to text heavy content that’s boring, difficult to understand and quickly loses the attention of the reader.

These days video is a better form of displaying information as it draws customers’ attention to your product or service as it’s more entertaining, exciting and special, by showing more individuality. It’s easy to condense large quantities of information to get to your target market using visuals, animation and voiceovers. You don’t need paragraphs of information as a combination of speaking, words and imagery can tell the viewer much more than pages of text.

Imagine the layout of a magazine article, the order you are meant to read and see the images that link together, they work in a similar way when presented in motion design, it’s just simpler! Put together in a sequence, facts and opinions are presented clearly and effectively, sifting the right content at the right time for your viewers to fully understand what you can do for them.

In a presentation where the subject is complex, you may need a few key points to back up what you are explaining, however using imagery is always a more effective way to back up your views. Animation holds the attention of the viewer because it gives the eye something to follow, which makes it more likely for the brain to take in all the important info, and let’s face it fun!

Video is a faster way to get your message across as it’s more engaging and gives your brand so much more. It can be designed to suit the style of your company, which in addition makes your business more recognisable.

So where would you see these videos? And in what ways can they be used?

Videos can be used across a wide range of mediums, they can be presented in various different ways, but which is best to suit you? Well it first depends on what you are trying to say, what your message is and how you need that to come across. Your tone of voice is very important, how you want to appear to your audience and what emotions you’d like to evoke.

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A lot of presentations are out of date, still using power point for still images and bullet points. It’s not very thrilling and doesn’t always grab the attention of the people you are pitching to. This can be bad if you are trying to win an account with a client or are teaching in a lecture.

In a presentation it’s always important to keep it short and sweet, if you don’t want to stray far from still images there are always ways to put motion into them to give them a bit more umpf.


These are best to show all your visual work in one spectacular, energising video clip. Purposely short, yet gives your audience a taste of what you do.

Whiteboard Animations

Great for training purposes or designed visuals over a lecture/seminar voiceover. These animations really tell a story, are predominately illustration based and give a feel of education values.


Videos placed on your website are a great way to advertise what you do, and one of the main elements people like to look for if they are searching for information in a hurry. Videos will brief the customer quickly and efficiently and if done well, encourage them to look further into your site.

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With television advertising you really need to make sure it entices the customer to your product or service. Engage them enough so that they will remember your product long after they’ve seen it.

Social Media

Social media platforms are a great way to invite people to start viewing your videos It’s quick, easy and makes use of the thousands of people already online. This is a great tool to get potential customers from your page, to your website, therefore producing more traffic.

From 2005 to present, social media has grown to the point where the recent changes are made to include video somehow. Instagram, vine, snapchat and more have established that people love watching video, but also capturing it.

Motion graphics can make a huge difference by taking out any confusion with what you do and producing something that really grabs attention. Video is ever evolving and there is only so much you can do with text, yet there is always something new in animation and film. Make your brand spectacular; make it different, it’s really worth considering!

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