Website Speed Matters

Website Speed Matters

WordPress is a fantastic website platform, providing a huge variety of tools and plugins to do pretty much anything you need it to do. A downside of WordPress though can be its speed, problems can occur with slow-loading websites which could be to do with the DNS (Domain Name Server), hosting, server resources and configuration, the theme, plugins or badly optimised content.

Why does Website Speed Matter?

User Experience
People like fast websites and get frustrated very quickly if a website is slow. Your clients/customers will abandon your website if it doesn’t load quickly enough and you’ve lost them. What is the point in creating an amazing website, spending good money and then the site doesn’t load fast enough

• Better Search Engine Rankings
Google likes websites to be fast! In 2010, they said that website speed is a ranking factor. More recently, they have developed a number of tools to ‘Make the Web Faster’.

• Higher Conversion Rates
There are a number of factors here but if the website doesn’t load fast enough and it becomes a chore (this happens very quickly with website users) to navigate the site then you are immediately putting yourself on the back foot.


Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insight, GTmetrix. Great tools to check the speed of your site.

Test the Speed of your Website

Use one of the followings tools to see the performance of your website:-


This is a free tool that provides you with full-site performance information including load time, page size, as well as a detailed analysis of all your website pages. Pingdom will save your performance history, which we really like – you can track your efforts to improve loading times are working.

Go to Pingdom:

Google PageSpeed Insights

This is a one of many useful tools provided by Google. This great app will measure your website’s performance across multiple devices, including desktop and mobile browsers. It provides a comprehensive report and will give you clear suggestions on what steps to take to improve your website performance.

Go to Google PageSpeed Insights:


The report generated by GTmetrix will generate a full picture on how your website loads and helps to detect where bottlenecks are. It has many useful features including performance monitoring, graphs and alerts.

Go to GTmetrix:


If your website is slow, what can be done?

With all these factors, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some tips on where to start:-

  • Choose quality hosting
  • Choose quality themes and plugins
  • Run the tests above and Identify performance issues
  • Minimize the number of plugins
  • Compress, minify and combine
  • Keep your site lean
  • Use caching and CDNs

How can Jenova help you?

We have carried out extensive research specifically concerning the speed of WordPress websites. We can provide a Website Performance Review for your website which will show how it can be improved. Then of course we can help you with implementing the solutions.


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